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Maximize your Playstation Vita experience with our premier accessories!

No matter what you need for your Playstation Vita or Playstation Portable we are sure to carry the latest in gadgets here at Hexir!



Every hardcore gamer knows that if you want to experience the most that your system can offer, you need to protect the console itself. This is why we at Hexir carry a wide variety of covers for your Playstation Portable or Playstation Vita. Whether you want something heavy duty or just a light silicone cover just in case, we are sure to have what you need for any occasion.



It’s every gamer’s worst nightmare: being at a crucial part of a game when suddenly you run out of power. Never have that fear again with our collection of chargers and charging docks! Whether you lost your starter charger or just want a more stable one to keep in your home, view our collection of chargers and docks and never worry about running out of power again. We even carry car chargers for the gamer on the go!



Playing a game in quiet room or, alternatively, would you like to be able to hear your system in a very crowded and loud room? Worry not, because we carry headsets that will simply plug into your Playstation Portable or Vita system for a private gaming experience in any location!


Screen Protectors

Never worry about accidentally shattering your PSVita screen again! With one of our screen protectors you can easily make your screen shatter proof. We carry sizes for both PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 as well as one for Vita so no matter what system you have, always be confident that you won’t damage your screen!



Our inventory is growing every day so if we don’t carry what you need right now, we are sure to carry it soon! Be sure to check back often for the latest in gaming products!

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