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The next generation of gaming is now here: Sony PlayStation 4!

The PlayStation 4 takes up the mantle from the PlayStation 3 to continue bringing you the latest in video game technology. The PS4 is the console is designed to be dedicated to supporting gamers first with an astounding launch lineup of over 180 titles in that are currently in development.

Here are a few of the new exciting features included on the PS4 console:

Share Play

The SHARE button on the redesigned DualShock 4 controller allows you to easily share your game achievements on streaming services. A new touchpad, light bar, and built in speakers gives you new ways to interact with your games as you play like never before.


The PS4 software has the ability to learn about you and your preferences. The system will learn what you like and dislike eventually leading you to discover new content and to even load your games and have them ready for you to play when you start the PS4. You will be able to see what your friends are sharing or view their gameplay with ease.


Maximize your game time with the PS4 by playing as the game is downloaded and installed. Using Cloud technology when you purchase a game that has this feature enabled the PS4 will automatically download a portion of the game to allow you start gaming.

Remote Play

Using the PS4 system to connect to your PS Vita allows you to unlock the handheld’s full potential. Remote play allows you to connect your PS Vita through Wi-Fi to your PS4 console to play range video games on the Vita’s 5-inch screen.

PlayStation Plus

With the launch of the PS4 console, Sony will also be launching their new program called PlayStation Plus. The membership will bring games and players together worldwide, enabling gamers to discover worlds of new possibilities. Some of the benefits of having a PlayStation Plus membership are free games once a month. You will receive access to online multi-player services by all supported games. Exclusive discounts on classic and new released video games.

At Hexir, we strive to keep our customers in the know with the latest video game accessories and technology for the PlayStation 4, and so much more!

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