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Xbox One

Keep up with all the latest Microsoft Xbox One news!

The successor to the Microsoft Xbox 360 console has finally arrived: The all new Xbox One! This innovative console has a vast assortment of features ranging from TV voice-activation to gesture-controlled Internet surfing to a multitasking feature called SNAP which allows players to catch up on their favorite TV show and challenge their friends in the latest video game at the same time!

Know the facts:


The Xbox One console allows you to play video games not only online but offline as well. The only time an Internet connection is needed is during the initial set-up of a new console, this allows you to install any updates that might be required in order for the game to function at the fullest potential. In fact the Xbox One is a completely portable system and can be taken on the go any time you might need to travel.


Experience one of the world’s biggest Cloud infrastructures that are completely dedicated to playing games only! Smart Match will locate players based on search algorithms based on your playing skill and style. Never wait in a lobby again! On Xbox One, you will be able to keep gaming, watch TV, or browse the Internet while you wait for your match to start.  With Living Games technology backed by Cloud, your games are continuous. Any changes that you make in game will not revert to their default settings.  New applications such as Upload and Upload studio will allow you to catch your greatest gaming achievements to share online or you can easily do a live broadcast by using Twitch.

Xbox Live

A single Xbox Live membership covers both your Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.  Xbox One allows you to log onto a friend’s console to access all of your downloaded content. Your Gamertag and Gamerscore will follow you to your new Xbox One console. Once the Xbox One is connected to Xbox Live your profile with be automatically updated.


The new Xbox One when used with an Xbox Live account allows you to use Skype to chat across any platform that supports it. If Skype is not supported by a platform like for example on the Xbox 360 you will be still able to see which of your friends might be online and to send them messages.

At Hexir, we strive to keep our customers in the know with the latest video game accessories and technology for the Xbox One, and so much more!

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