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Wholesale Inquiries

The primary goal of Hexir is to provide independent businesses the opportunity to compete in a contentious market. To that end, our wholesale customers enjoy a wide variety of products at competitive prices. We are dedicated to bringing our clients to best service possible.

Benefits Of Buying From Hexir

  • Competitive Pricing
  • More shipping options with better pricing
  • An updated inventory file when we receive new stock
  • Rapid response to resolve any questions or issues
  • Special orders on certain games and accessories
  • Consultation on product selections and business infrastructure

Creating A Wholesale Account With Hexir

  1. Create an account on this website.
  2. Fill out our wholesaler form so we have your business tax information. This will guide you to email us additional information needed such as a valid personal identification.

Pricing on website will reflect after your account has been manually updated by Hexir staff!

There is a minimum purchase amount of $350 for your first order.  There is no minimum purchase after that.  We do not currently offer drop shipping.  If you have any immediate needs please call us at +1 (614) 893-6985.

Purchasing and Payments

Submit your order and any additional notes through the website. Hexir will pull your order for pickup or shipment. At that time you will be contacted for any additional needs for completing the order. If you do not hear from Hexir by 24 hours please call during business hours to make sure your order was received! Hexir uses several different technologies to minimize staff and deliver best prices, so we thank you for your patience on small issues!

Payments should be cash or check, if possible. Other payment types may incur a fee to cover the fee charged from that payment type. Paypal and Credit Card charges are 3 percent extra.


You are responsible for shipping charges. You will be notified of the total cost before the order is completed.


We do honor returns. Please do work with us on any issues you may have but there are some guidelines we follow for returns with wholesalers. Wholesalers get good return benefits. We accept returns for defects up to 3 months on most products. Hexir brand products will be 6 month returns. Most products also have a 1 year manufacturer warranty. We do not cover shipping for returns.

Return credit from items returned must me used within the same item category unless otherwise approved by Hexir.

Future of Hexir!

Hexir is working towards benefit programs and new products. Future Hexir brand products and custom branding may be available also!

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